Limited Edition Collection- Mermaids, Unicorns and Monsters (please email or Dm to purchase)


Not included in current sale PLEASE EMAIL or DM to purchase or Add to Order

Introducing our limited Edition Collection

Only a very small number of these limited edition design will ever be created.

Each is number and signed, making them the most precious keepsake gifts.

Each doll measures 12cm and is as always, individually hand-painted.

•Moonbeam has delicate aqua and purple shimmering scales and is adorned with hand made moonstone crown

• Rose has delicate pink and shimmering scales. She is adorned with a rose quartz crown.

• White Floral has the sweetest felt lace bonnet and rose gold leather horn. She has Floral details and a beige leather bow.

• Winter has a tan felt bonnet with a cute fur trim, white Floral details and a gold leather horn.

• Our Sea blue monster has a cute blue bonnet with odd shaped mustard leather ears and a beige leather bow. He's so cute.


  • Rose mermaid
  • Moonbeam Mermaid
  • White Floral Unicorn
  • Sea Blue Monster
  • Winter Unicorns